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FOOT TAPPING RECORDS, present the TAWNY OWLS 'first album' : "HIGH-FLY" (FT040)
Recorded at "Electromatic Studio" - Grezieu la Varenne (France) by Xmenrock
Mastering: Juan from JCR RECORDING
Artwork: Xmenrock

pochette cd tawny owls pochette cd tawny owls verso

There are only compressed songs to ease the downloading. Make sure you turn up to one of our gigs to get the unabridged quality of The TAWNY OWLS on stage.

Songs Title:

1- You're My baby (Mp3)
2- Jeannie With Dark Blue Eyes
3- Linda Lee
4- My Baby Don't Rock Me Now
5- Come On Little Mama
6- Rock 'n' Roll Guitar (Mp3)
7- two timer

+ Bonus tracks by "The X-men"

8- Cruisin' In An Old Deuce
9- Sittin' In The Balcony
10- Indian Boogie
11- Batman is Around
12- Scratchin' (Mp3)
13- Hammy Blues
14- White Girl (Mp3)

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You'll find MORE MP3's above !!!!

Those tracks were recorded in 2005 at "Le GAULOIS" (TERNAY 69 - FRANCE)
There are live "demo" version without overdubs.

45_T_vinyl Linda lee (LIVE 2005)
45_T_vinyl All i can do is cry (LIVE 2005)
45_T_vinyl Broken heart (LIVE 2005)
45_T_vinyl Tornado (LIVE 2005)
45_T_vinyl Love me (LIVE 2005)
45_T_vinyl Cotton pickin' (LIVE 2005)


All our thanks fly to the people who follow us on the weird paths the Owls are always choosing:our parents for our teenage rehearsals; Collin from FOOT TAPPING RECORDS, Lillian, Christophe & Fred from Toulouse; the Rockin' Gone's Team (esp. Michel, Frank & Murielle aka "Rockarocky.com"), Juan from BLUE LAKE RECORDS aka "Jcr Recording" aka "Rock-a-billy.ch", Cathy & Ralph, The NOISY BOYS, The DIXIE BOP, the CRAZY CRUISERS & the CHEATERS from Genève; Stuttgart solid rockabillies & hillbillies (esp. Ilona & Wendel); "Pierrot le Fou" aka "Crazy Little Peter" from CRAZY TIMES MUSIC; the SOUTHERN ROCKERS (Doug, Philippe & Dany), Marie, Corinne, Anne-Lise, Bernard & Justine, Sophie & Dom, Maud, Léna & Charlie, Marielle & Laurine, Carole, Billy Barley from FEWOLD, Blanche, Jean, Virgil, the LITTLE BASTARD (esp. Florian for his help), the Madison (Marie-Jo & Maddi),  Stéphane Vartanian, Philippe Chanoinat; the Parisian Crew: Alain aka "Alan Ford", Jean-Marc, Jean-Yves, Chouka ... The HOT RHYTHM & BOOZE, PLYMOUTH PINK PUSSY CATS, Pee-Wee and... many more that we hope to meet on our next high-hazard nightly hunting flights...

The Tawny Owls Crew...